Past. Present. Future.


Part#1 Source Of Silence 1996 -1999

Cristiano Pucci born 12 Sep - 1982 , singer songwriter producer is playing acoustic / electric and Bass Guitar piano.

He grow up with Queen thanks to his mother and he start play in 1995 acoustic thanks to his father, listening to Italian artists like Gianluca Grignani and Lucio Battisti. At the Age of 16 influenced by his friends at school decide to form a band like Nirvana. At the same time start to listen to Radiohead & Sonic youth. At the age of 17/18 went into another direction listening to The doors and Jim Morrison, Led zeppelin , Deep purple but mostly Black sabbath. At the age of 17 he recorded his first album with a band called "Source of Silence" 7 songs and the producer define the sound of the band STONER and really similar to “Kyuss". Despite drugs and alcohol and destructive gigs he was notice by another guy that wanted to create a band with the best musicians of the area. This super band called deaf aid really similar to Queen Of the stone Age. A lot of parties, gigs and problems cause before  21 year old the end of the university.This break down move him towards another direction and he start working in a solo project really influenced by Pink Floyd but mostly Syd Barrett figure.

Part#2 Om Namah Shivaya 2003 - 2008

After this parenthesis of madness, Cristiano decided to get back to the basics following a more pop Italian wave of songwriting like Vasco Rossi and others. His focus move from composition to the hard working and related success. Was In this period that he meet his first vocal coach Fabiola Trivella that directed him to attend conservatorio of Classical music and study piano. Influenced by more Romantic and Glam style with the help of some friends began a project called Om Namath Shivaya a mix of an Italian

band called Vibrazioni and the English brit pop of Kulashaker. The band had some success getting good feedback from the press regarding regional competitions. Soon an agent begins to take care of the concerts but unfortunately after a few years the members begin to dissolve moving to other cities for work reasons and Cristiano leaves the conservatory to return to Rock Music. This time he does it with another singing teacher with a more Rock and Modern approach Perla Trivellini . But After a year in which the band wasn't really gigging and finding replacements, he decided to start to record a solo album. However, he continues with different bands for a year listening to Coldplay, U2 and 80s stuff like Annie Lennox, thus starting a new project called Gnu made of famous covers of the Rolling Stones, Muse, Strokes that only lasted a year without great results. or concerts.

2009-2011 took a total break devoting himself to football only until his definitive move to London.

Part#3 LONDON Mystical State 2011 - 2018

Cristiano moved to London in October 2011. Fortunately or not he had an injury, so he had to put his football career on hold. Around January he was settled in the capital and in the meantime he was studying English rediscovering music by composing acoustic ballads in Italian. For about two years he dedicated himself to renewing his style and working in various coffee shops in London. It was during a brief period of unemployment that he decided to audition and get involved with a small label in Soho, London. (2014) However it was a way for the producers to get money from the artist imposing them to pay a small amount of grant each month for the rent of the recording

studios. Most importantly was that he started to work on his first single in English. 

During this year of musical productions and precarious jobs he decided to give up the project due to numerous layoffs.

However, he continued his recordings in his home studio. In his spare time he started playing live in small pubs and clubs as an opening act.  From that point on, he began to consolidate his lyrics in English instead of Italian.The first semi-acoustic EP in English was Cassette Rec & Ice (2015).